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itemis AG

itemis AG to run openArchitectureWare Power Workshop in the UK

Training and presentation in Cambridge

06/25/2008, Lünen

itemis AG, a leading IT service provider for model-driven software development (MDSD), is expanding its international range of services to bring one of its standard training courses to the UK. itemis is joining forces with Software Acumen Limited to run the three-day training event “openArchitectureWare Power Workshop” in Cambridge between 22 and 24 September. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn about the principles of model-driven software development using the Eclipse open source framework openArchitectureWare. From 25 – 27 June three itemis experts will be attending the Code Generation 2008 conference to deliver a presentation on “Using openArchitectureWare for M2M and M2T”, providing an introduction to working with the openArchitectureWare framework.

The openArchitectureWare Power Workshop is aimed at developers and architects who have experience of software modelling with UML and a basic understanding of the principles of model-driven, generative software development. To get the most from the workshop, participants should also have a good knowledge of Java. Relevant experience of the Eclipse development environment is an advantage, but is not essential. Seminar participants will learn how the framework can be installed and used and also how a model-driven approach can be integrated in software development processes. There will also be practical exercises where participants set up the complete infrastructure for the development environment and build model-driven projects step by step. Topics covered by the workshop include programming with code generators using Xpand and Xtend (based on models), model validation, metamodelling and an introduction to EMF and model-to-model transformation.

In the run-up to the workshop three experts from itemis will be sharing their know-how at the Code Generation 2008 conference organised by Software Acumen. The conference is devoted to model-driven software development and also current trends and techniques in code generation. itemis will be providing an introduction to MDSD with the openArchitectureWare framework from the Eclipse Modeling Project (EMP), covering the basic principles of the framework and demonstrating how it is used in actual projects. The main focus of the EMP is the development and promotion of model-driven development technologies within the Eclipse open source community. As well as delivering their presentation “Using openArchitectureWare for M2M and M2T”, the itemis experts will assist participants during the exercises, which will be carried out on personal laptops.

Mark Dalgarno of Software Acumen noted, “itemis are the recognised experts in openArchitectureWare training and consultancy. We are very pleased to be partnering with them to bring this expertise to the UK for the first time. Model-driven software development is the next evolutionary step in software and itemis are one of a handful of companies that have led the way.”

About openArchitectureWare (oAW)

openArchitectureWare is an open source project and provides a flexible toolkit for model-driven software development. As part of the Eclipse Modeling Project, it can be integrated seamlessly in the Eclipse platform using a wide range of plug-ins. Essentially, openArchitectureWare enables the user to process all kinds of models. This includes UML models and models created with specialised graphical editors (Visio, GMF editors), as well as textual models, for which openArchitectureWare is the first tool to offer fully integrated support with Xtext. Any textual output can be generated from the model sources. A wide range of options is available for model validations and model transformations. Importers are available for numerous modelling tools. openArchitectureWare is developed by a team of freelances and employees of the supporting companies, itemis and Gentleware. The core team currently consists of (in alphabetical order): Sven Efftinge, Peter Friese, Arno Haase, Clemens Kadura, Bernd Kolb, Dieter Moroff, Karsten Thoms and Markus Völter. For more information please visit

About Software Acumen Limited

Software Acumen is a specialist software consultancy established in 2004 and based in Cambridge at the heart of the UK’s software community. The company has a focus on model-driven software development, software product lines, software architecture and software process improvement. Software Acumen operates the Code Generation Network community web site and organises its annual Code Generation conference.


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