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itemis AG

itemis supports “Eclipse SOA” initiative

New industry working group of the “Eclipse Foundation”


itemis AG, leader of technology in the field of model-based software-development, extend their dedication under the umbrella of the “Eclipse Foundation”: The independent IT-consulting firm from Lünen has joined the newly founded initiative “Eclipse SOA”. This industry working group targets to provide an open source, Eclipse-based solution for the implementation of service-oriented architectures (SOA). The first milestone has already been achieved: since September, a closed and integrated SOA platform is downloadable from based upon which service-oriented applications can be developed. “Our challenge in the scope of the further development of this platform will firstly be, to create a repository to manage the artefacts of model-based software-development.”, explains Falko Riemenschneider, who is leading the “Eclipse SOA” activities at itemis.

With this new initiative the “Eclipse Foundation”, umbrella group of the world-wide leading development platform for open-source software, reacts to the great requirement for flexible applications and architectures. After providing key components for infrastructure developer with the Eclipse Swordfish (SOA runtime framework) and STP (SOA tooling platform), the new Eclipse-based developing environment for SOA-applications is a further step to offer companies a free accessible, flexible and manufacturer independent alternative to commercial SOA solutions.

The next step is now to follow: itemis AG, together with the Sopera GmbH from Bonn, an outsourcing of Deutsche Post, and the French Obeo, building the control circuit of the industry working group, is faced with the task of advancing the “Eclipse SOA” platform with its tools faster and nearer to market needs. This includes allowing the user to choose the adoption of components and technology according to their wishes – and with this flexibility lowering the barrier for service-oriented architectures.

Within the further development of the new platform by the industry working group, itemis developers will bring their competence into the SOA field. “We primarily cover the model-based subject areas in collaboration with our renowned partners.”, says Falko Riemenschneider of itemis.

The definition of technical standards and preconditions through the “Eclipse SOA” initiative should facilitate the collaboration of existing Eclipse projects, working on service-oriented applications, in the future. Furthermore the industry working group will initiate new SOA projects, devoted to the requirements not yet covered by the Eclipse-platform.


Falko Riemenschneider, Head of the Bonn Branch of itemis AG

Falko Riemenschneider is the head of the Bonn Branch of itemis. In this capacity he supports strategic customers in the region such as Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Post.

Falko Riemenschneider has been an advocate of object-oriented technology for more than 10 years. He studied Computer Science at the University of Bonn and worked for an American software company for a few years after graduation. He has been active in large Java software projects ever since, mostly as head of development or requirements engineering.


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