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itemis AG

itemis AG sets foot in the Dutch market

Partnerschaft mit Jos Warmer

02/01/2012 (PDF)

itemis AG has agreed a partnership in the Netherlands with the company Warmer IT. Name giver in the neighboring country based firm is Jos Warmer, internationally recognized expert for model-based software development and pioneer in the field of open-source.

Download: Long version (PDF, 28 KB)

From this step, the IT-house from Lünen promises to position its consulting business for methods and procedures of model-based development in the Dutch market. There should moreover be a broadening of the Eclipse-based YAKINDU-products for a continuous software and system development ( Both companies have agreed a close cooperation in order to benefit from the experience and specialized knowledge from each other respectively.

Warmer IT ( is the official itemis-partner for the Netherlands. Warmer is an »old friend« for itemis. Already with the Eclipse-project »Spray« ( there is a successful Dutch-German collaboration between the new partners. Warmer has established a name for himself as the author of a number of books and regularly appears on conventions and conferences as a speaker.

Jos Warmer is looking forward to the collaboration: »I have worked with a number of itemis people before and have always been impressed with their craftsmanship. itemis is the driving force behind many Eclipse Modeling projects and direct access to their unique knowledge is very valuable.«

itemis director Wolfgang Neuhaus is pleased to be working with Warmer IT: »With Jos we have a respected expert in the field of model-based software development who can fully support our YAKINDU-products and services. We are confident that together it will succeed in further developing our good position in the market.«


Patrick Schneider
Head of Marketing

Phone: +49 231 9860-193