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itemis AG

itemis: Innovative Partner for IT-Services

itemis is an independent IT consultancy company that develops powerful software for enterprise applications, embedded systems and mobile applications.

In technical language one identifies the approach of itemis as being model based or rather model driven software development. The development of software based on models is largely automated and thus supports the industrialization of  IT-processes.

The model driven approach is also used by itemis in the development of tools for embedded systems.

To make the software development process more flexible and lean, itemis primarily draws on Scrum, one of the leading agile project management methods. 

itemis AG has established itself as an industry-neutral technology leader in the field of model driven software development (MDSD) thanks to its extensive research activities.

With its comprehensive range of services the independent IT consultancy firm enables a continuous software development process. Training, consulting and project support are as much a part of the services such as application development as well as the service and support for tools and applications.  
itemis AG is a reliable and innovative partner for its customers in all project phases - from the engineering of the requirements to the development and documentation to testing and roll-out of the solution.

Model Driven Software Development

Model driven software development  deals with the automation of software development. Traditional programming by hand, which is extremely error-prone, time consuming and expensive becomes more and more obsolete.

Through the initiation of model driven methods, a separation between the description of functional and technical requirements is achieved. This is of particular advantage to very large IT projects because the increasing complexity becomes controllable.

In the model driven approach, only the essential parts of the software are modeled. Less important details in the models are intentionally abstracted - in favor of a more compact representation. A generator, which is a specially adapted tool of itemis, then automatically generates the executable application from the models that contain the technical information.

Result: The efficiency of the development process increases significantly because through the automation, the quality of the software is improved. In addition, the development costs and the cost of maintenance are much lower than with traditional programming.

The separation of functionality (long-lived) and technology (short-lived) also leads to increased investment security.   

MDSD: Enterprise applications and embedded systems

Model driven software development was originally a way to create traditional enterprise applications. For example, management systems for banks and insurance companies or production control systems in the automotive industry. It has however been developed substantially further in recent years by itemis and transferred to a completely different industrial sector: The embedded systems.

These small computers are increasingly becoming the foundation of our industrial development, because they control important processes in production facilities, aircraft and cars.

Agile software development with Scrum

In the implementation of projects, itemis applies agile methods - and this is primarily with Scrum. The agile project management has the intent of making the software development process more flexible and leaner than traditional process models. The focus thereby lies more on the targeted goals. Therefore it will not only consider the technical, but also the social problems in software development.

Eclipse: itemis-tools are open source

The products and services of itemis consistently follow the open-source business model. The tools for model driven software are readily available through the market-leading development platform “Eclipse” free of charge. Although such freely available open-source solutions do not cover all needs of the user. That's why itemis offers its customers individual solutions. “Eclipse” is also the basis for the development of these tools that are specially-tailored to the needs of customers as well as being offered as a product.


Wolfgang Neuhaus
Board member

Phone: +49 231 9860-606