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itemis AG

YAKINDU-tools and services

Under the name YAKINDU, the activities of itemis in the field of tool integration for embedded systems in Eclipse are consolidated. Among them are for example graphical editors for state machines and block switching systems as well as the development of custom-built tools. Workshops extend the offering. 

Integrated tool-chains

Not only the number of embedded systems used by the automotive industry up to consumer electronics in all areas are increasing rapidly but also the complexity accompanied with the development processes. A few years ago a single developer could design and program a system as a whole whereas the same today takes a team of engineers and computer scientists to solve the problem.

For these new processes, itemis provides the tools to optimally contribute to the efficient implementation of the development steps and to free the developers from unnecessary burden.


YAKINDU HMI is a tool for the model-based development of modern, complex Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s). As an aid, the YAKINDU HMI Tools follow the process specifications and allow for shorter development times with higher quality and more flexible adaptation. It supports the entire development process, from prototyping via specification through to implementation. The unique ability to adapt to processes, tool-chains and target platforms leads to significant efficiency gains.

Special tool construction

For many standard tasks today there are commercial or free solutions. The Eclipse-platform currently offers an almost unlimited number of plug-ins. However, companies often establish special solutions in the field of embedded systems that cannot be developed or used with standard tools.

In this case itemis helps to design and implement the tools that are precisely targeted to these specialized solutions and offer everything that is necessary for the special tool construction – from the integration and verification of development projects and design guidelines to the design of your own domain-specific programming languages that accurately support the specification of the product.

Embedded IDE-development

The growing integration concentration and with it the associated rising complexity of today's micro-controllers demand improved tools that can deal with the specific characteristics of the different applications of operation and support the hardware specifications. A modern integrated development environment (IDE) must have the ability to control this complexity and give the developer the opportunity to focus on their key task of developing software.

itemis helps the manufacturers' of embedded systems to meet this challenge. The Eclipse-IDE can be adjusted corresponding to the requirements and wishes of the hardware manufacturer in order to be included with the core product, the »embedded system«, as a development environment.


Further and advanced training cannot be waived nowadays in technology driven companies,. This is because  within embedded development many new development methods like AUTOSAR, UML, SysML or the model driven development are introduced in order to meet increasing project complexity.

itemis accurately retrains your employees on the basis of already existing knowledge in these new development methods.


You can download YAKINDU Open-Source-Tools from and learn more about YAKINDU-Services.


Axel Terfloth
Head of Department for Embedded-Development

Phone: +49 231 9860-218