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YAKINDU HMI is a tool for model-based development of sophisticated Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). It supports the complete development process from prototype to specification to implementation. Its unique adaptability to processes, tool chains and target platforms significantly enhances productivity. 


Shorter development times

  • Integrated approach for prototyping, specification and implementation
  • Rapid prototyping via simulation
  • Use of the specification model in the implementation
  • Reduction of the implementation effort via repeated code generation
  • Optimized for usability

Quality improvements

  • Accurate, consistent and executable specification of complex behavior
  • Understandable specifications through the use of HMI terminology in the contracts and state charts
  • Quality enhancements via continuous validation and simulation

Flexible adaption

  • Code generators designed for easy adaptability to specific target platforms and architectures
  • Modular tool chain, best-of-breed
  • Accurate adaptation to custom processes
  • Seamless integration into existing Eclipse-based tool chains


Integrated modeling environment

  • Behavior modeling with YAKINDU HMI Statecharts
  • Component-based modeling with YAKINDU HMI Components
  • Modeling functional interfaces with YAKINDU HMI Components
  • Continuous validation

Integrated simulation environment

  • Interactive simulation
  • Integration of external visualization technologies

Adaptable generators

  • Code generators for C, C++ and Java
  • Generation of MS Office Word documents
  • Flexible interfaces for platform-specific code generation

Tool integration

  • Interfaces for integration of visualization tools
  • Simulation-API for integration with the YAKINDU simulation engine
  • Generator-API for integration of specific code generators
  • Simple integration of SCM-systems
  • Integration of Eclipse-CDT


itemis AG
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