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YAKINDU Xtext professional

YAKINDU Xtext professional is the service and support offer of itemis for the professional employment of the software tool Xtext. It is a lightweight open-source tool for the easy development of one’s own text editors and languages such as configuration and modeling languages. Xtext is being developed by itemis and is provided free of charge via the market-leading development platform Eclipse. The requirements for the professional use of open-source software like Xtext are as varied as their applications. That is why itemis provide their YAKINDU Xtext professional customers with an Xtext added-value package including individual service, support and upgrade services.

The YAKINDU Xtext professional offer includes all of the necessary services for a safe and business- critical use of Xtext in your environment. Business software built on open-source components requires long-term support also for older versions. It also needs staff that understand the inner workings of these components and if necessary can quickly and effectively resolve problems.

Our »Support Services« area provides this professional service and support through the continuous collaboration with the Xtext development team at first hand. In this way we can provide the necessary assistance for individual tool development right up to tailored support packages.

About Xtext

Xtext is a software tool. Xtext simplifies the design and implementation of focused domainspecific languages. These problem-oriented languages, in contrast to common modeling languages such as the Unified Modeling Language (UML), have the advantage that they are flexible and exactly tailored to a situation. This shortens the training period and improves communication in the project. With the help of Xtext, languages can be created specifically for the respective case of application.

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