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YAKINDU Artop professional

YAKINDU Artop professional is the service and support offering of itemis AG for software tools in the automotive industry.

Artop (AUTOSAR-Tool Platform) is based on the development platform Eclipse and bundles basic functionalities for AUTOSAR development tools. AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is an international standard for the automotive industry. It describes an open and standardized software architecture for vehicle development, which is jointly developed and supported by automobile manufacturers, automotive suppliers and tool manufacturers. Artop and its source code are freely available for all AUTOSAR members and partners. Such freely available standard solutions however do not often meet all of the users’ needs. YAKINDU Artop professional closes this gap via individual enhancements and services.

Artop services

With YAKINDU Artop professional, itemis offers the following professional services for safely using mission-critical software tools in the automotive industry:

Fire extinguisher

Our service-level-agreement ensures a qualified reaction from one of our Artop experts within 48 hours after we received your request. Assuming the receipt of all relevant information, this reaction can already be the solution or a recommendation how your problem can be solved. We bill all inclusive per request.


We reach an agreement for a period of your choice in which we deliver a fixed contingent of development and consulting services. You chose which services will be covered. We offer contingents on different levels of qualification tailored to your individual requirements. We bill discounted, depending on the volume of the booked contingent.


Our possibilities to support you at planning and realization are as individual as your projects. You need shorter reaction times? A consultant on location? The support of previous distributions? A lot is imaginable, almost everything is doable. We would be happy to make you an individual offer. We will bill depending on the effort.

About Artop

Artop is an Eclipse-based platform for the development of AUTOSAR design tools. It provides implementations of the various releases of the AUTOSAR metamodel and additional services such as Explorer-View, validation or compare/merge for processing AUTOSAR models in the Eclipse workspace. Artop serves tool manufacturers and end-users as a powerful foundation for a great number of AUTOSAR tools, which are often tailored specifically to use cases.


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Brochure: YAKINDU Artop professional

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