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YAKINDU Open Source

YAKINDU Open-Source: An integrated development environment
YAKINDU Open-Source: An integrated development environment

What is YAKINDU Open Source?

YAKINDU Open-Source is a collection of software tools for the development of embedded systems. YAKINDU Open-Source provides efficient and easy to integrate code generators to generate source code for different target platforms.

Your benefits

  • You save time: Test cycles are extremely short due to executable models.
  • You improve the quality of your development: The systematic use of models results in a continuous process.
  • You spend less money: YAKINDU Open-Source tools are available free of charge.
  • You save your nerves: YAKINDU Open-Source tools are easily expandable.
  • You have more fun at work: The unique control concept combines graphical and textual editors.
  • You always stay on course with your project: Professional support is available first-hand at all times via itemis.


YAKINDU statechart tools are an integrated development environment for the specification and development of reactive, event-driven systems using state machines.


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