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YAKINDU Agile BackOffice

YAKINDU Agile BackOffice is a toolkit that enables you to accurately deliver your product features to your requirements. Thereby you always have the further development in view and know where you stand in the project plan. YAKINDU Agile BackOffice provides all of the necessary products to make your software development process transparent and of high quality. A mixture of open-source and commercial software brings you to your target. With our solution you have the possibility to transparently track features from request through to code change.

Close Integration

In the context of an agile project management, such as Scrum, it is essential to provide the developers with quick feedback and faster release cycles. An appropriate project approach is optimally supported by the tools of YAKINDU Agile BackOffice. Build-server and task management are additionally closely linked and their configuration perfectly matched to one another. Distributed teams in different time zones are also optimally connected with one another as tasks with their current processing status are automatically transferred in the shift changeover operation. For an all-round carefree package, itemis experts are available for agile project management such as Scrum (range of services), from the introduction to process optimization up to advice on selecting the right tools.

The specific combination of tools, well-proven configurations and methods leads to more transparency, higher product quality and lower costs in the development and release process with the release of new versions. In comparison with conventional toolchains, the use of YAKINDU Agile BackOffice significantly reduces costs (see graph). This is what studies accompanied or projects implemented by us have shown.

What is YAKINDU Agile BackOffice?

YAKINDU Agile BackOffice is a toolkit for improving project implementation in software development. Its top priorities are thereby the creation of transparency and higher quality as well as a reduction in costs for the company. The goal-oriented, requirements focused development is central. Integral component parts of BackOffice are tools for professional requirements management, task scheduling, continuous delivery, quality measurement and reporting. All tools are tightly integrated with each other and optimally support you and your team in the development and release process. Also, when the focus rests on agile projects, projects with conventional project management profit as well. BackOffice is part of the YAKINDU-Product Family.


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