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YAKINDU Requirements

 YAKINDU Requirements is a software for requirements management.

Specify complex applications in no time and keep the effects and risks of changes to requirements throughout the entire development process in view.

Learn more on the detailed product website!

With YAKINDU Requirements, you describe your requirements for a software accurately and in next to no time. For the definition of the various elements of your requirements specification, including

  • use cases,
  • business objects and actors,
  • user interfaces and GUI elements,
  • pageflows,

as well as the relationship of the elements to each other, a complete specification language editor with a fixed syntax is available. Thus, you avoid making errors right at the project start and quickly see where you stand with your requirements management.

And the whole thing is fun and easy to use and does not require extensive training to operate it.


  • Consequences and risks of requirement changes faster in view
  • Lower costs through changes in requirements
  • Spend less time for defective documentation
  • Develop faster and with fewer errors
  • Shorter project lifespans

Core functions

  • Written and graphical specification
  • Validation of requirements
  • Generate Requirements documents automatically

YAKINDU Requirements is the tool for analysts and software engineers. The times in which requirements engineers have to remember names and the correct spellings of actors etc., are finally over with YAKINDU Requirements!

Learn more on the detailed product website!


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