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ECU Development Potential Analysis

The development of electronic control units in automobiles is becoming increasingly complex. Safety standards like ISO 26262 and process standards such as Automotive SPICE must be adhered to. The development process requires an interaction of many different tools alongside the V-Model – from requirements engineering via analysis, design and implementation through to testing and production rollout. Here lies a lot of potential for optimization:  

  • Enhancement of the abstraction level
  • Better integrated toolchains
  • Automation of manual steps
  • Prevention of redundancies
  • Harmonization of the development of AUTOSAR - and non - AUTOSAR projects

Raise your potential. Our "ECU Development Potential Analysis" identifies where rapid improvements in your development process and organization are possible.

Offer for ECU Development Potential Analysis Implementation

  • Preliminary discussion
  • Analysis of the development processes
  • Analysis of the toolchain
  • Breakdown and assessment of optimization potential
  • Prototypical implementation of a selected optimization measure
  • Recommendations for action
  • Closing meeting

The prototypical implementation of the optimization measure takes place based on open tool platforms (Eclipse, Artop). itemis is a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation, AUTOSAR Development Member in the work package Method & Tools and an Artop Contributor. Background information about the technologies can be found in the paper Integrating the AUTOSAR toolchain with Eclipse-based model transformations.

Advantages of the ECU Development Potential Analysis

  • Identification of potential for savings and optimization
  • Comprehensive basis of assessment for optimization alternatives
  • Information about the actual state of the ECU development processes and tools
  • Prototypes for tool integration/special tools for evaluation
  • Reduced time and financial costs


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