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YAKINDU Statechart Tools

What are the YAKINDU Statechart Tools?

YAKINDU Statechart Tools are software tools. With them, one specifies and develops systems that are in constant interaction with your environment (reactive systems). Yakindu Statechart Tools allow the graphical modeling based on Harel-finite-state machines. The statechart tools support all of the key concepts such as extended state variables, hierarchical states, orthogonal states or history states.


  • Fun at work: Easy to use tool for graphical editing.
  • Better quality of the developed system through an integrated development environment.
  • Faster results: Error-Marker shows incorrect elements immediately.

Functions and Features

  • Modeling
  • Validation
  • Simulation
  • Code generation
  • Adaptable to specific needs

Read the detailed product description.


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