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Requirements Engineering

The fight for success is a common one in most IT-projects. The most common reasons aren't technical issues but lack of feedback from the product's future users and insufficient management of the changes in requirements during the development cycle. Mistakes during requirements analysis have the most severe impact on the project's schedule and costs.

Successful requirements analysis and management feature:

  • direct involvement of all stakeholders, including the users,
  • requirements engineering with the appropriate means,
  • early validation of requirements,
  • prioritization and support of release planning,
  • tie-in with change-management processes and
  • use of the appropriate tools. 

An early high quality helps avoid correctional efforts and severely reduces both risks and costs. This results in the freedom to add more functionality.

Requirements and System Analysis

Agile and efficient Requirements Engineering using problem-adequate methods and tools is crucial for the software system's value, its economic success, its development costs and its development time.

A systematic approach during elicitation, modeling and validation of requirements is the basis for successful Requirements Engineering. In an incremental, iterative process different techniques such as Active Stakeholder Participation, Prototyping, Interviewing and UML are being used. 

The specification is done in close cooperation with the users and other stakeholders, and mirrors their respective perspectives.

Requirements Engineering in model-based projects 

System requirements are described in textual form as well as in the form of models. With model based development of systems, collecting requirements and specifications in models takes on a central role. Here we support you in order to be able to describe your business processes and business applications with the help of domain specific languages (DSLs).

Our services

Process optimization 

We help you improve the engineering process and coach your project team in the use of methods of analysis and in requirements management.


We support you with setting up an appropriate tool platform that enables you to use agile and efficient Requirements Engineering and management. One element could be YAKINDU Requirements, our solution for requirements management.

Project support – object-oriented analysis and design

Our consultants have excellent communicative skills and are experts in techniques of elicitation, methods of analysis, descriptive techniques and various other tools of the trade. Experienced analysts supplement your team with OOA and OOD know-how. 

Your advantages in a nutshell

  • reduction of the complexity of software products and solutions
  • reduction of development costs and development time
  • optimal planning and steering of the whole Requirements Engineering process 
  • user-optimized software solutions
  • simple requirements elicitation and specification through plug-ins
  • consistent and complete elicitation of requirements
  • consideration of the continuously changing requirements during product development


Wolfgang Neuhaus
Board member

Phone: +49 231 9860-606