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itemis AG

openArchitectureWare (oAW)

openArchitectureWare is a generator-framework for model driven software development.

The oAW-core components like Xtext, Xpand, Xtend and the Modeling Workflow Engine have in the meantime been relocated into the »Eclipse Modeling Project« where they will be further developed by the global Eclipse-Community.

itemis offers an extensive service package also in the future to those customers who continue to use openArchitectureWare. In addition, companies receive assistance in the migration of openArchitectureWare to »Eclipse Modeling«.

OpenArchitectureWare, abbreviated as oAW, is an open-source solution for model driven software development. With this framework, which itemis developed to a significant amount, code generators can be developed for any models. Included among the numerous modeling approaches that oAW supports are EMF and UML as well as freely definable domain-specific languages (DSL's).

OpenArchitectureWare enjoys great popularity because of its versatility as well as the modern, Eclipse-compliant technology components – and has undergone a major upgrade by time:

The decisive components of the oAW-platform are incorporated in the »Eclipse Modeling Project« to allow easier access from other Eclipse projects.

The further development of Xtext, Xpand, Xtend and the Modeling Workflow Engine now takes place through the global Eclipse community – under the direction of itemis AG, providing an extensive range of services for the application of model driven development methods within the framework of its Eclipse modeling activities.

The oAW-platform on the other hand is not pursued further in its original form. Nevertheless, itemis continues to offer the usual portfolio with coaching, individual tool development and tailor-made support packages for customers, whose solutions are based on openArchitectureWare.

Furthermore, the itemis experts support companies with the migration of openArchitectureWare towards »Eclipse Modeling«.

Services around openArchitectureWare

Coaching and Consulting

The »openArchitectureWare Coaching Services« offer suitable support for each project: The itemis consultants take on the role of cooperating coaches, who in the practical pilot-projects as technical project manager, software architect, senior developer or test manager convey the necessary know-how to the employees.

Tool development and Integration

The itemis team has many years of experience in the creation of development tools. Whether it's modeling tools, generators, parsers or entire Eclipse based development environments  - itemis provides the necessary support or takes over the complete development. This also includes the integration of the tools into complex tool-chains.

Support Packages

Business software, developed from open-source components, requires personnel that understand the inner interactions of these components so that they can resolve faults quickly and effectively as and when required. itemis provides most of the openArchitectureWare developers and delivers support at first hand.


Sven Efftinge
Branch Manager itemis Kiel

Phone: +49 431 99026-870