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itemis AG

Software Tools for Embedded Systems

Model driven methods and integrated tools increase quality and efficiency in embedded software projects. itemis is a leader in the areas of model driven, generative software development and the Eclipse-based tool-chains. In this environment itemis offers introductory consulting as well as potential analysis, software development, architecture consultation, development and integration of tool-chains, workshops, coaching, project management and services & facilities.

Model Driven Software Development

Model driven software development is concerned with the automation of software development and addresses an age-old issue in computer science: the controllability of complexity through abstraction. itemis applies model driven software development to model fundamental parts of the software and then to generate it. The necessary generator software is open source, there are no license costs. The method is independent of the programming language and target architecture and supports both the development of modeling tools for domain-specific languages and all common UML-tools and development environments as well as industry specific standards like AUTOSAR. Model driven software development  provides both better quality through automation and lower maintenance costs as well as higher investment security by the separation of functionality (long-lived) and technology (short-lived). The ambition of itemis is to achieve a custom-made »production line«  and in the sense of a wholesome support provide »help to self-help« through coaching.

Tool-chains and tool integration

Processes and methods require a fully developed tool support so that they can have full effect. Breaks in the tool-chain and lack of flexibility of COTS-tools provide friction losses and additional costs. Open tool platforms offer an alternative here. As a strategic member of the Eclipse foundation, itemis possesses a wide experience in design, implementation and introducing Eclipse based tool-chains for the development of embedded systems. Thus, tool breaks are closed and cost-efficient alternatives to commercial tools are provided. This is where itemis consults in an independent role. That open source is a technically, legally and economically attractive option, has been shown in many projects of complex technical systems, in which itemis designed the methods and tools.


Axel Terfloth
Head of Department for Embedded-Development

Phone: +49 231 9860-218