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itemis AG

Eclipse Modeling

The »Eclipse Modeling Project« offers all of the components for model driven software development. The Eclipse-tools are well suited to the development of comprehensive and open domain-specific platforms.

itemis AG, who are deeply committed in the advancement of model driven technologies within the framework of »Eclipse Modeling«, support and implement the introduction of automated development processes – from coaching over tool development to support.

Within the framework of the Eclipse Modeling Project (EMP) as well as its sub-projects and -components, various modeling tools are developed. In the foreground stands the promotion of model driven technologies based on »Eclipse«, the world's largest open-source development environment. The aim is the continuous improvement of adapting and promoting open standards for the integration of existing technologies.

itemis assist the »Eclipse Modeling Project« with its own development team – and can therefore offer a comprehensive performance portfolio around model driven development processes.

The offer of itemis includes

  • Coaching and Consulting,
  • Tool development and
  • Support.

The itemis software experts thus allow an easy introduction into automated software generation and provide the security needed for the development of software on an open-source basis. Hence, increasing the efficiency of the development process. This is reflected in lower development costs, longer life and better software maintainability.

The open-source development platform »Eclipse« offers the exact support necessary for software engineers in their projects. This is because the »Eclipse Modeling Project« contains all of the components for implementing model driven development methods and is therefore - just as openArchitectureWare (oAW), which by now has for the most part been merged into »Eclipse Modeling« - a proven and practical platform.

Thus, on the basis of »Eclipse«, a continuous »production line« for the complete manufacturing of the software development process can be provided – tailored to the needs of the user. The open-source-tools, which are available under the Eclipse Public License, can be individually arranged and also combined with commercial solutions.

The »Eclipse Modeling Project« contains numerous modeling-tools that are available free as open-source:

The core forms the now widespread »Eclipse Modeling Framework«, which provides a basis and integrating element for all of the projects and tools for Eclipse modeling. These include:

  • Xtext, a tool for the efficient creation of textual modeling languages and their editors (IDE's)
  • the »Graphic Modeling Framework« (GMF), which helps to create graphical model editors
  • Various implementations of OCL for the verification of models
  • Xpand as a powerful framework for code generation from models
  • Xtend for model transformation
  • CDO as a repository for the storage of many and large models in the company

Xtext and Xpand are developed under the responsibility of itemis in the "Textual Modeling Framework" (TMF) and provide an development environment integrated in »Eclipse«.


Sven Efftinge
Branch Manager itemis Kiel

Phone: +49 431 99026-870