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itemis AG

Mobile Enterprise – mobile devices in business

The number of professionals and managers who work on the road has been on the rise for years, as is working away at scattered locations across national borders and time zones. Companies must be tuned in to the fact that their employees want access to information and applications from different end devices, irrespective of whereabouts and time, in order to be able to make decisions and be productive.

Following BlackBerry Smartphones, iPhones and iPads have taken over the business world. Devices with Android and Windows operating systems will follow shortly – and not only differ in terms of technical features from each other, but above all produce different utilization and security concepts.

The concept of »Mobile Enterprise« is the answer as to how companies can tackle the challenges of a »mobile world«. itemis offers you support in the form of consulting, training and development.

For me there are two important arguments for equipping the employees with Smartphones and Tablets: Productivity and motivation. The employee can speed up the workflow since he is not bound to the workplace. He also gets a device in the hand which he feels good with.

Jens Trompeter, Board member, itemis AG


Arne Wiggers
Head of Mobile

Phone: +49 231 9860-606