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itemis AG

Your Eclipse Partner for Model-Driven Development

itemis AG was founded in 2003 by Wolfgang Neuhaus and Jens Wagener. itemis AG is one of the largest IT companies in the Lünen region. The company’s main office is located on the premises of the LÜNTEC technology center. itemis also has offices in Bonn, Dortmund, Hilden, Kiel, Leipzig and Pforzheim.

Model-Driven Software Development

itemis AG is one of Germany’s leading companies in the field of model-driven software development (MDSD). Though MDSD was initially primarily used in the development of enterprise applications, itemis has been applying this approach to the development of embedded systems used in airplanes, motor vehicles and production equipment for many years. Tools (editors, generators and validators) are needed to support model-driven development processes. itemis develops such tools under an Open Source license and provides them under the umbella of the Eclipse project.

Research and Commitment

itemis AG is a strategic member of the Eclipse project. The company is represented by one seat on the Board of Directors. In addition to a multitude of other research activities, itemis AG leads the Textual Modeling Framework project in cooperation with the University of Nantes.


itemis AG
Am Brambusch 15-24
44536 Lünen

Phone: +49 231 9860-606