Agile Software Architecture

In the case of agile software development, architectural decisions are taken only as late as possible. The flexibility of the system is thus not restricted at an early stage. Learn more about incremental, evolutionary software architecture.

Agile Software Architecture – Success Through Self-Organization

In agile process models, all tasks are given into the responsibility of the cross-functional and self-organizing team of developers. This enables to react quickly on changing requests during the software development process. This includes the design and implementation of the software architecture.

According to concrete approaches, how this task can be accomplished, one searches in agile processes like Scrum in vain. In order to close this information gap, we decided to offer a "Agile Software Architecture" seminar for agile teams in which we present the missing approaches and convey them through concrete architecture scenarios.


Software Architecture in Agile Teams

This seminar is aimed at developers and software architects working in agile teams. Based on concrete architecture scenarios, you have the opportunity to learn about the methods and tools of the four core elements of agile software architecture in practical exercises.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

  • apply the methods and tools of agile software architecture
  • develop software architecture together in a team and develop it further continuously
  • integrate architecture tasks into agile processes and to link them with their artifacts


  • define & check non-functional requirements
  • prepare & make decisions
  • document structures & concepts
  • identify & manage technical debts

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