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In our courses, we provide you with the knowledge to improve the code base and quality of your products and reduce costs by means of test-driven development (TDD).

Test-Driven Development - More Than Quality Assurance

The goal of agile software development is to orient all steps to the added value of a solution. For this, it is necessary to deliver software in short intervals and to be able to react quickly to changed requirements. The prerequisite for this is a high quality of the software. Test-Driven Development (TDD) helps you achieve these goals by not only maintaining and testing the code base through the Test First approach, but also avoiding over-engineering and aligning functionality with requirements and specification.

Thus, TDD is more than just quality assurance. It forms the basis for the success of a solution. Despite the fast-transmitted basic principles of test-driven development, their practical implementation usually requires a longer learning phase. Our "iSQl Certified Agile Test Driven Development" course helps you with this learning process.

TDD Courses & Certifications

iSQI Certified Agile Test Driven Development

This three-day course gives first help with the use of TDD. In hands-on exercises, you will learn how to use TDD practices and overcome common obstacles. Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

  • develop software in micro-iterations and to continuously test these against the requirements.
  • improve the existing codebase step by step and securely with regard to maintainability and extensibility.
  • check and evaluate the quality of production code and automated tests.
  • develop and implement test strategies efficiently.
  • learn and improve more advanced techniques of test driven development.

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