What is it? We build programming languages – really good ones. If you want to participate, you should be familiar with least one and preferably more. More important, however, is that you aren’t happy with what you are doing with programming languages today. We think there is much more.

We are working on that and you can help us, especially if you are familiar with web technologies, because we are not necessarily the ultimate authorities. Specifically, we want to build languages and IDEs that can easily be used on the web and are accessible to non-experts such as SMEs.

This video from our colleagues Karsten and Holger about building programming languages will explain what we mean.



To be part of our company you must be ready to accept real challenges. If you are, we will be happy to help you learn and grow your skills.

If successful, you will also be able to travel with us worldwide to promote itemis’ skills.


We can offer a great working environment with people who will be happy to work with you. It’s fine if you have a dog, as many of our colleagues bring their dogs to work.

We will train you intensively. To support this we have developed our ‘4+1’ working model. You will work with us on your own responsibility and will gain appreciation from your colleagues and superiors. We offer flexible working hours and close cooperation across locations and responsibilities. You can work at any of our offices: Lünen, Bonn, Paderborn, Heath, Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

We look forward to meeting you.

So let everything go. Leave your girlfriend or your friends, or at least your job or promotion, and come to us! And don’t worry – we don’t want to work in personal marketing any more!

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