Die itemis AG ist ein unabhängiges IT-Beratungs­unternehmen, das leistungsfähige Software für Unternehmens­anwendungen, eingebettete Systeme und mobile Applikationen entwickelt – und über diese Themen bloggt.

Recent Posts

Joint Webinar of itemis and Validas: The Benefits of Custom Tools in Automotive, Medical and Space

Many companies in domains such as Automotive, Railway, Space and Medical make use of custom tools for the development of their products. This introduces some new challenges, since critical projects also require close scrutiny with respect to possible effects of tool failures on the product. Standards such as ISO26262, IEC61508 require a detailed classification of the toolchain. This requires a safe usage with confidence of all tool in the tool chain.  Read more >

YAKINDU Solidity Tools selected as a Grantee of the Ethereum Foundation Grants Program

itemis is happy to announce that YAKINDU Solidity Tools has been selected as a Grantee for Wave 3 of the Ethereum Foundation Grants Program. With this program the Ethereum Foundation seeks to support useful dapps and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, and to empower developers with best-in-class R&D, developer experience, and education. Read more >

Dr. Klaus Birken receives award as GENIVI’s Most Valuable Contributor

Twice a year, the GENIVI Alliance gives the Most Valuable Contributers Awards to individuals or companies that excel in the GENIVI Alliance through exceptional performance, particularly in the domains of Code Contribution and Technical Leadership. This year, Dr. Klaus Birken, Principal Engineer in the automotive sector at itemis AG in Stuttgart, is among the winners. He is particularly honored for his contribution to the activities of the GENIVI Alliance as initiator and technical lead of the open source project Franca ( This project was initiated to ensure the required interoperability of components and subsystems in the development of a standardized platform for Automotive and Infotainment systems. The central element of Franca is a platform-independent IDL allowing Franca to be used in various environments. The award will be presented as part of the keynote of the GENIVI All-Member-Meeting on April 17 in Munich. Dr. Klaus Birken will also take part on the GENIVI AMM as a speaker with a talk about "Franca for the Web" on April 19. Read more >

itemis provides free licenses for academic use

YAKINDU Statechart Tools Professional Edition, released by itemis AG in December 2016, is supplemented by free licenses for undergraduate and postgraduate students and academic staff. Read more >