Configuring a simulation

Section "Creating and executing a launch configuration" describes how to start an existing launch configuration.

The present section describes how to create and configure a new launch configuration for a statechart simulation.

  1. In the main menu, select Run → Run Configurations…. The Run Configurations dialog appears. The "Run Configurations" dialog
  2. In the Run Configurations dialog, right-click on Statechart Simulation and select New in the context menu. The "Run Configurations" dialog
    Alternatively, you can select Statechart Simulation and then click on the New symbol near the top-left corner of the dialog. The "Run Configurations" dialog
    However you do it, a new launch configuration is created and displayed in the main area of the Run Configurations dialog. The launch configuration’s Main tab is opened.
  3. Enter the launch configuration’s parameters as necessary:
    • In the Name text field, change the default name New_configuration to something sensible, e.g., Light switch.
    • In the Model file text field, enter the path to the statechart model you want to simulate. Click on the Search button to browse for statecharts.
    • If your model uses Java operations, specify the Java class implementing those operations in the Operation class text field. If you have multiple Java classes, specify them as a comma-separated list.
      The "Run Configurations" dialog

Please note: Besides the Main tab described above, a statechart simulation launch configuration also has a tab named Common. This tab is a common standard to all types of launch configurations, and it is described in the Eclipse documentation.

In addition to creating new launch configurations, you can also duplicate or delete launch configurations in the Run configurations dialog. Right-click on a launch configuration and select Duplicate or Delete from the context menu.