Import an Excel file

Corresponding menu entries:
Import Excel File into Current Model

Many users have already existing Excel files to perform a TARA. To import data from the users existing files, we can offer to develop an Excel import solution. For this a itemis SECUREs import service (powered by itemis Traceability) can be installed as a web service within the customers internal infrastructure. The URL for this service as well as an default import folder can be set up as follows: File ??? Settings ??? Appearance & Behavior ??? itemis SECURE General ??? Import

Once the URL is configured, the customer has the option to import an Excel file. Again, please ensure that the cursor is in the correct chunk and choose the corresponding menu entry from the Import/Export menu:

In the next step, the user selects the Excel file to import. The itemis SECUREs import service will then convert the Excel file into an XSAM file and it will be imported to itemis SECURE.

We are offering a customized Excel import which is a customized import based on the existing Excel files of a customer. If detailed data or TARAs of the customer are already available in form of an Excel file, the customized Excel import is able to import this data into the itemis SECURE. Thereby the connections and algorithms between data will be imported.

Please note, that the import option is only available in the advanced version of itemis SECURE. Please contact your IT department directly if you have further interest in this feature.

Export as Excel file

Corresponding menu entries:
Export to Excel (Security Elements)

Catalogs and main analysis elements (threat scenarios, attack steps, controls, assumptions, and risks) can be exported to Microsoft Excel. To export data in the Excel format, put the cursor on the chunk you would like to export. Then choose the corresponding entry from the Import/Export menu, Export to Excel (Security Elements) .

When exporting main analysis elements, you can optionally choose a subset for export using the following dialog: