Usability Engineering

High degrees of usability coupled with a great user experience are the alpha and omega for the success of your product.

We can ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of your product through the continuous participation of users, together with our comprehensive methods of usability engineering, working purposefully towards your users’ satisfaction.

Our team

Our usability team works passionately to make products and applications more efficient and intuitive.

We don’t just do this casually, as a side effect, but with full commitment. We believe that usability engineering is a continuous and non-negotiable process.

Our work

Usability is so much more than just ‘look and feel’. That’s why we ‘live’ usability engineering in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9241, and incorporate methods from Design Thinking and agile project management to fulfill our mission: the satisfaction of your users, leading to a successful product.

How do we achieve this?

  • We bring completely new ideas to the foreground of your team using Design Thinking workshops.
  • We conduct interviews and focus groups, create personas to understand the needs of your users, and so derive requirements for your product.
  • We are innovative and creative, designing solutions that really help your users. We use prototypes to make ideas tangible and allow for early feedback.
  • Our technical expertise and methodology in usability testing allows us to evaluate and optimize solutions for usability.

Usability certification

We can also train you. Do you want to learn how usability engineering works and understand the end user? In our usability training courses you will learn everything about methods, processes and routes to the best possible user satisfaction.

We offer the following trainings:

  • Trainings individually tailored to your needs, for example in the areas of user requirement engineering, conception and prototyping, and usability evaluation.
  • Design Thinking trainings.