Learn the mindset of Design Thinking and how you can use its underlying processes to get to the bottom of problems and develop creative solutions to them.


Design Thinking requires only a few ingredients: common sense, the right mindset, an interdisciplinary team and the courage to follow unconventional ideas.
In our training courses we will show you what’s behind this and how you can use these ingredients to solve problems when paired with an established process. That’s exactly what Design Thinking does: questions problems more closely, identifies needs and transforms them so that they can be addressed by developed solutions.

Our training teaches participants the values and mindset behind Design Thinking, the background of its process and methods, and ultimately enables them to apply this knowledge in their own Design Thinking workshops.


Our Design Thinking training courses lead you through the Design Thinking process and its methods – empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test – based on a selected problem. We can offer training in individual scopes depending on how deeply you want to get involved in the subject. For each of the phases you will gain practical experience of what’s important and the methods you can use to achieve each phase’s goals.

We can tailor the focus of the training to your individual needs: feel free to contact us to discuss this.

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