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Location Essen

In Essen, the geographical centre of the Ruhr area, the heart of the IndustrialTech scene beats. Our itemis location for Smart Technologies has been located there since the beginning of 2019.

Our main focus

Our range of IT services mainly includes IoT, Industry 4.0 and Smart Home. Besides the product and project business, we are also actively doing research. We are specialists in embedded, web and app development. In the area of agile methods, agile project management and usability engineering we are a driving force.

The location

Our location is located in the western part of Essen, near the Limbecker Platz shopping centre, and can be easily reached via the autobahn A40. Here, in the ever more attractive Ruhr metropolis, we are happy to take on new challenges.

itemis AG | Frohnhauser Str. 69
45127 Essen

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