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Simple Survey for TypeScript/JavaScript and React/XState


This is a simple example of the XState generator, which aims to replace the previously hand written statechart of this project with a generated one.

Wizard Machine Model

The behavior of the survey is defined by a simple statechart that looks as follows.

How to get from the statechart to a web app

1. Install Node/JS and the npm(Node Package Manager).

2. Install the packages 'react', 'react-dom', 'xstate', '@xstate/react', 'tsc'

3. Generate a working javascript file by firstly generating a typescript file of the statechart(right-click on the the 'wizardMachine.sgen -> Generate Code Artifacts).

4. The new 'wizardMachine.ts' file can now be edited at the specified functions at the bottom of the file.

Download examples

Drag to install

Drag to your running YAKINDU Statechart Tools (min. version 2.8.0) workspace.

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