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Empty template for a custom code generator

This is an empty template for a custom code generator. This generator is based on the SGraph meta model. A simplified version is shown below.


Let us have a look at the generated artifacts and their purpose.
  • xtend-gen: Xtend code compiles to Java code. This folder only contains generated resources and should therefore not be added to version control systems like Git.
  • CustomGeneratorModule.java: YAKINDU uses the dependency injection framework, Google Guice, to manage the dependencies. All references to implementation types are handled in this class.
  • CustomGenerator.xtend: The class that contains the actual code generator implementation.
  • plugin.xml: Metadata for the code generator. Change the name and description here if you want to export your code generator as a plugin.
  • model: Simple example statemachine and a code generator model that shows how to setup a runtime code generator.
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