Open model element

Open model element is another kind of search method. It can be used to quickly navigate to states and regions. To access Open model element, use the [Ctrl+Shift+Q] shortcut or select Navigate → Open model element in the main menu.

By doing so, the dialog shown in the next screenshot will open.

Open model element

The dialog consists of a single input element Searchbar and two output elements Result list / Result location.

A search operation performed with Open model element is equivalent to "Searching via search dialog" with the following setting:

Setting Value
Search string same as in Searchbar
Case sensitive
Regular expression
Search for States/Regions
Search for Declarations
Search for Properties
Scope: Workspace
Scope: Selected resource

Differences between Open model element and Search dialog are subtle, but noticeable. The results will promptly appear in Result list while typing your search string in Searchbar. The hierarchy of a selected result is displayed in Result location as a text instead of using a tree.

Navigating to a result can be done by double-clicking on the result. Or select the result and clicking on the OK button or hit the [Enter] key.

The Open model element dialog remembers any matching search results. On reopening the dialog, remembered model elements matching the new search string will be displayed above any newly-found elements. This makes it easier to navigate to them again at a later time.

Remembered elements

Remembered elements can be removed from the history by selecting them and pressing the [Del] key or by right-clicking on a remembered element and choosing Remove from history in the context menu.