Eclipse Artop

Artifact type


Supported options:

  • subset metaclass – Filter elements by meta class.
  • subset namespace – Filter elements by namespace.
  • resource – File filter pattern.


resource /*.arxml
subset metaclass system.System
subset metaclass system.SystemMapping
subset namespace "Project.YourSystem_System"

A list of available meta classes can be opened by content assist (pressing [Ctrl]+[Space] after the space following metaclass).

The namespace is the . delimited list of names from the root. In this example all GIdentifiable elements under the package Project in the system YourSystem_System are relevant. Each matched element has to match one of the metaclass subsets and one of the namespace subsets, if the latter are set.

For the example above and the model illustrated below, leads to the shown results in the search dialog.


An artifact’s version is used for suspicious links validation. Artifacts of this type do not provide a version.