P release, milestone 2 (PM2 1.1.2026)

Bug Fixes

Rhapsody adapter: Improved synchronization of Rhapsody and YT

In some cases – e.g., when triggering multiple selection propagations from YT to Rhapsody in a row – the selections were not in synch.
We fixed this.

DOORS adapter: Fixed a bug in selection propagation

YT polls DOORS regularly to detect selected requirements in DOORS. The goal is to show in YT the selected requirements and the linked artifacts for this requirement.
Now the „poll” works also for modules with more than 10,000 objects.

DOORS adapter: Fixed/Improved invasive linking

The mechanism to store links in DOORS invasively has been updated:

  • YT considers the lock mode of the target module in DOORS, we try „exclusive edit” if „shareable edit” is not configured for the DOORS target module.
  • The description of the external link in DOORS now contains the name of the linked artifact.