R release, milestone 1 (RM1 1.1.2104)

List of features and bug fixes in this milestone 1 for the R release.

DOORS Next: Improved filtering for Artifact Types

We improved the filtering for artifacts read from DOORS Next.
Find a detailed description of configuration possibilities in our help .

Better performance of trace matrix query

We improved the underlying graph traversal algorithm of our
traceMatrixFor query so that the query runs much faster now.

Suppression of dialogs in batch mode

Some Eclipse plug-ins which are not under control of YAKINDU Traceability may require user input. This is e.g. true if the subversion plug-in detects a repository with outdated metadata: It asks the user whether he wants to migrate the repository to a newer version. These dialogs may be blockers in batch mode. We implemented a routing which automatically closes all custom dialogs in batch mode.

Bug fixes

DOORS classic: Fix for „==” and „contains” filter

We fixed a bug which in some cases led to wrong evaluations of equals („==”) and contains expressions for DOORS artifact types.
The bug occurred in case of DOORS attributes which had a multi-valued enumeration type.

DOORS Next: Fix of evaluation of custom attributes

For custom attributes, the DOORS next adapter retrieved the URI representing the value of an attribute.
These URIs are not easily to read. We fixed this: YT now retrieves the value which is identified by the URI.