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itemis AG

Technology Fast 50: itemis in the top 10 strongest growing companies


itemis AG is one of the strongest growing technology companies in Germany. With an accumulated percentage turnover growth rate of 749.53% in the last five years, the Lüner company has been nominated for the “Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2009”. In this prestigious ranking, which has established itself as a seal of quality for entrepreneurial success in the technology sector, itemis even managed to make the jump into the top 10. The “Deloitte Technology Fast 50”  awards companies that prove that they are growing even without the tailwind of a strong economy – and this with a rapid pace.

“We are very pleased about the award. Because it confirms to us that we have taken, with a specific focus on research and development, the right way to succeed on the market even in difficult economic times”, said Wolfgang Neuhaus, board member of itemis AG, among one of the world's technology leaders in the field of model-based software development, at the awards ceremony in Hamburg “Curiohaus”.

The prizewinners of the “Technology Fast 50 Award” convince not only with an impressive sales growth rate, but also with their individual growth and success stories, which served as a further criterion for the inclusion in the ranking of the fastest growing companies in technology, communication and life Science in Germany.

Dieter Schlereth, partner and head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications at Deloitte, also sees positive signs for the future for the technology sector: “The growth figures of the technology companies show : The industry is opening up more markets through product innovation, its potential is far from exhausted.”

Deloitte, with the support from the economic and financial specialist magazine Capital as their media partner, the Deutsche Börse, the German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management (DVFA) and also from Hamburg@work, has presented the “Technology Fast 50 Award” this year for the seventh time in Germany. The innovative corporate competition was launched in the USA in 1997.


Wolfgang Neuhaus, Board member

Wolfgang Neuhaus is a board member and responsible for finance and controlling.


Patrick Schneider
Head of Marketing

Phone: +49 231 9860-193