Cybersecurity Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment Tool

itemis SECURE supports your Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) throughout the entire life cycle of vehicles in full compliance with ISO/SAE 21434 and UNECE WP.29 R155 and empowers you to perform your TARA in the most reliable way to ensure a high level of security for you and your customers.
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The Future of Automotive Cybersecurity

Market-Leading Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment Tool for the Automotive Industry


Supply Chain Integration

OEMs need to establish security for the entire vehicle and exchange information with suppliers – our solution makes it easy to implement.

Cybersecurity Life Cycle Management

Increase the efficiency of your TARAs throughout the entire life cycle of vehicles and minimize time to market of product development processes.

Future-Proof and Reliable

Increase the trust of customers and suppliers in your products with early response and avoidance of threats and vulnerabilities.

Avoid Potential Losses

Prevent consequences of financial losses, legal issues or loss of reputation due to cybersecurity attacks and missing precautions.

Customizable to Your Needs

Modify your TARAs whenever anything changes and have a single source of truth throughout the whole process.



Together with industry-leading partners, we developed an open format to exchange Security Analysis Models across departments and corporations.


Cybersecurity Experts

Our automotive cybersecurity experts help you to implement itemis SECURE in your processes and to maximize cybersecurity and compliance.



Solution for Today and Tomorrow

Customer Success

AVL Software and Functions

itemis SECURE is a versatile instrument that helps me to develop my work in a more dynamic and easier way. Aligned itemis SECURE allows me to fulfill my customers’ needs.

ZF Group

itemis SECURE with its wide range of functions and features enables the project teams to create comprehensive TARAs and supports the assessors in conducting effective independent reviews for compliance against ISO/SAE 21434.


During our search for an ISO-compliant tool, we discovered itemis SECURE, which has become go-to tool for TARA in automotive projects, helping us achieve compliance with ISO 21434 and instilling confidence in our customers.

Pavol Bulka
CTO, Sygic

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