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to reconnect to today's digital world because preperation is half the battle
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Digitization is proceeding continuously. It is therefore essential to prepare children and young people for the ever-changing world of tomorrow in order to offer them the very best future prospects.

Unfortunately, this important topic is still far too little discussed in the school/educational system. There is a lack of concrete offers which take into account the progressive digitization of our society. Computer science should already play a role at primary school age and should also receive more attention at secondary schools. Our goal is to establish coding as an integral part of the curriculum.

With our engagement at schools and the cooperation with headmasters and teachers, we want to set an examplehelp and motivate. Girls and boys alike should be inspired by this exciting topic even before typical role models are formed. We want to reduce teachers' fear and show them ways how everyone really understands computer science and can also teach it.

We would like to expand the impact of our engagement through further sustainable offers. To this purpose we are looking for partners and supporters who share our objectives and principles. Together we can give even more kids and teens the chance to experience digitization and programming in a playful way already at school.
Do you as a school representative or teacher also see the need to impart knowledge about coding and digitization to your students? Or do you as a company have an interest in promoting these topics in your region?
We look forward to the exchange with you!

Engagement that clearly demonstrates impact:

350+ Kids and young people reached
40+ Teachers trained further
200+ Hours of coding held
5 Schools reached
Our video of the project week “Coding for Future” at the Thomas-von-Quentel School gives you a good insight into our activities. Headmistress Andrea Lauer also expresses her personal point of view and underlines the importance of such educational offers.(Video available in German, with English subtitles.)
Easy access to coding and technology
Equal opportunities
Free education
Positive handling of mistakes
Solution-oriented approach
Encouraging teamwork
Fostering individuality
Establishing coding as an integral part of the curriculum

Our offer – in concrete terms.

  • Coding workshops for kids and teens
  • Assistance in school lessons in order to teach students how to code and at the same time train the teachers
  • Further training of teachers on programming (block-based programming, mini-computers such as Calliope Mini, Scratch, Lego WeDo)
  • Development of individual teaching concepts, together with teachers and headmasters
  • Occupational exploration days
  • Girls‘ and Boys‘ days

Do you share these objectives and principles with us?

Then let us work together on their implementation. We would be happy to introduce ourselves to you in a personal meeting and chat a little bit. A lot can be achieved together, regardless of whether you represent a school, a company or political interests.