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We are endowed with a vast experience in all aspects of the application of state machines in different domains and industries.
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We offer assistance in the form of trainings, support and consultancy to provide our clients with expert services.

By doing so, we always take a personalized approach to ensure we can support you best. Get in touch and let us work together to find effective solutions.

Expert Consultancy

Our aim is to provide additional value and give orientation, improve performance and solve problems.

  • existing modeling approaches
  • Reviews of existing models, e.g., performance analysis
  • Runtime environment and frameworks
  • Tool integration services

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Trainings & Seminars – Bridging Theory and Practice

itemis CREATE allows for modeling the behavior of your application or system with the means of state machines. While the tool provides an easy entry into model-driven software development, modeling highly complex systems requires explicit knowledge of advanced state machine concepts.

In our trainings you will learn how to use itemis CREATE on an expert level to build scalable state machines that translate into efficient code.

Guided Evaluation of itemis CREATE

We support your evaluation of itemis CREATE. We comprehensively analyze how statecharts can be applied and integrated into your context, conceptually and at tool level. Furthermore, we analyze your requirements and propose a solution in the desired form, such as a proof of concept.

  • Introductory WebEx session or workshop
  • Time-based coaching and support, order a budget (typically 3-5 Person Days) and make use of it according to your needs
  • Evaluation licenses for three months

Professional Support Contracts

  • High priority – quick reactions
  • Online / WebEx / live
  • Long-term support
  • Maintenance of customized tools and extensions as well as legacy versions of itemis CREATE