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We support your business with the expertise of our established teams, with sustainable and highly scalable systems, and with turnkey systems from a single source.
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We offer highly scalable software development support and are happy to take on complete projects. Our well-coordinated full-stack teams bring valuable experience from many years of solution development and numerous projects. State-of-the-art technologies from platform to backend to frontend are as much a part of our portfolio as the adaptation of your existing systems. We deliver quality and stability out of conviction and stand by our values. Together with our customers, we make migrations, digitalization and completely new solutions successful!

Established Teams

Building a team is a long process and doesn't happen overnight. We invest a lot of time in developing experienced seniors and nurturing young talents. People working together do not automatically make a team. Values must be articulated and supported by the team. Giving and receiving feedback must be learned. Human interaction must not be neglected. A sensible error culture coupled with regular retrospectives helps.

At itemis we have learned how to turn a group of people into a strong team. A team that can jump into your problems and has team building behind it. Trust and productive cooperation are a matter of course. We get started for you! Our Agile Coaches, who accompany our teamwork, ensure a smooth and transparent integration into your company.

Think about how much time you invest in team building, and you will understand the value of our teams.


Our teams are experienced and have seen a lot, but more importantly – they never stop learning. At itemis we know this and that's why we can only give you 80% of our time. The remaining 20% we consistently invest in training every week. This may sound unusual at first and may not be what you are used to – but when you work with our teams, you will quickly understand why we do it this way. Modern technology is important, but so is the ability to adapt to existing systems and protocols. In our “+1 time” (yes, that's what we call it), team members have the opportunity to look at things beyond the day-to-day project. Sometimes it's about new technology, sometimes it's about collaboration, and sometimes it's about things that aren't quite clear in the day-to-day. A problem that is not fully understood – with the ambition to fully understand it afterward and thus create the best possible solution.

How much time do you invest in training your employees? With us, this is part of our service and is cost neutral for you!

Solving a problem with technologies you know sounds plausible, but knowing when to use which technology is not. Scaling issues only becomes important when you reach your limits.

Our teams have many years of experience in large-scale projects and are happy to help you choose the right technology, architecture, and infrastructure. Of course, we are not dogmatic, and we understand that existing systems and constraints need to be taken into account.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have met competent people at the first introductory meeting, and then found none of them at the beginning of the project? Have you been told that your issues would be easy to solve, only to be proven wrong during the course of the project? And have you been disappointed too many times and are tired of not getting what you were promised?

We are different - our team members, whom you will meet at the beginning, will be with your project from the very beginning. They tell you what they think and don't sugarcoat anything. We will guide you through your project openly and transparently, and make realistic statements.


Experience How It Feels To Be in Really Good Hands With Well-Rehearsed Teams From Itemis!

Achieve your project goals in a faster and more efficient way.


Highly Scalable, Sustainable Solutions

Complex systems are subject to constant change and must be modernized at regular intervals. We at itemis make sure that systems become and remain maintainable! Our claim is high quality and maintainability for your sustainable stability! We think ahead and design your system so that it can be easily modernized – even in parts.

In many complex projects, we have proven that our approach can ensure that your software is ready for the future.

Slow systems that reach their limits – who hasn't? Unfortunately, in many projects it is too late to realize that this aspect must be taken into account from the beginning, otherwise it will be expensive and inconvenient later on. Due to our many years of experience from numerous large projects, we bring important knowledge about scaling aspects to your project and implement them consistently from the beginning. We know that later changes can be expensive, and we think ahead.

Benefit from our experience and scale with our support right from the start!

We Develop Sustainable and Highly Scalable Software Systems for Your Business!

You want to be sure your software systems will meet future needs. Let us work together to develop sustainable and scalable solutions so you can focus on your business while we take care of the rest.

Turnkey Solutions From a Single Source

Everyone knows what a turnkey house is, but what are turnkey systems? Basically, it's like building a house. There are several trades that need to work hand in hand. It becomes difficult when the trades are performed by different companies with different interests. A general contractor who coordinates and is accountable to the trades does little to alleviate the situation. As a result, it is not uncommon for home construction to become stressful or even fail. The trades blame each other and wait for the other to do the work. For you as the builder, it only gets more expensive and nerve-wracking.

All of this can easily be applied to software development. Backend, frontend, DevOps, platform, networking, project management, and QA are the trades here. Remember your last escalation meeting? If so, you understand the analogy and have experienced it yourself. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was on the same page? If it were transparent, where the shoe really pinches? A reliable partner who can serve all trades?

At itemis, we are used to working in interdisciplinary teams and implementing solutions holistically. We support you from start to finish and have a lot of experience in dozens of areas from past projects. Our approach is structured and transparent. Our agile coaches do not live processes dogmatically. Experience what it feels like to be well advised.


Get Turnkey Systems From a Single Source To Optimize Your Processes!

Time is money, and you want to be sure that your projects run smoothly and efficiently. Our turnkey software systems provide you with a single source for everything from design to implementation and maintenance.

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