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itemis SECURE is a model-based software solution for threat analyses and risk assessments (TARA) of technical systems. It supports your threat analysis and risk assessment throughout the entire life cycle in a sophisticated manner, providing full compliance with ISO/SAE 21434 and UN Regulation No. 1...

First Steps

Welcome to itemis SECURE! In this chapter you’ll learn how to get started with itemis SECURE. This includes installation, general introduction, and creating your initial project.

Tool Overview

This section explains how to use this tool to conduct your TARA which is an engineering methodology to identify, prioritize, and respond to cyber threats through the application of countermeasures that reduce susceptibility to a cyber attack. The subsequent sections will provide you with an overview...

Method Configuration

The Method Configuration serves as a foundation for all calculations taking place in itemis SECURE. It contains the domain-specific sets of feasibility options, impact options, impact categories, etc.

Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment

This chapter provides information for each process step, that is needed as part of a Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA). The following subsections correspond to these core activities.

Security Concept Phase

The Concept Phase involves consideration of vehicle level functionality, as implemented in items. The item definition forms the basis for the subsequent activities.

Report Generation

itemis SECURE reports can be created in DOCX and PDF formats. To generate and display the corresponding document, right-click on the chunk in the project explorer, and select Generate Report (docx) or Generate Report (pdf). Alternatively, if a chunk is selected, buttons available in the main editor ...


Catalogs in itemis SECURE consist of a Threats Catalog, a Controls Catalog, and a Technologies Catalog. Each catalog features pre-evaluated elements to be re-used across your TARAs and prepares for future automation throughout the TARA lifecycle.

Import and Export

The Chapter Import and Export covers everything you need to know to import and export data to and from itemis SECURE. As most users of itemis SECURE already have existing models, itemis SECURE provides two ways to import data. You have the following options to import data into the tool:

Advanced Features

Some advanced features might not be needed in everyday use of itemis SECURE. These are covered in this chapter and includes scripting capabilities, details about the XSAM exchange format, the MPS platform and version control system intergration.