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Import and Export

The Chapter Import and Export covers everything you need to know to import and export data to and from itemis SECURE. As most users of itemis SECURE already have existing models, itemis SECURE provides two ways to import data. You have the following options to import data into the tool:

1. Import an XSAM file
2. Import an Excel file (available on request)

In addition, itemis SECURE offers the possibility to export data from the tool as well:

1. Export as XSAM file
2. Export as Excel file (applicable for specific data)

In the following image you can see an overview of the three possibilities to open the Import/Export menu. This can be done via the menu bar (1), or via right click on the node or model in the project explorer (2), or via right click in the editor window itself (3). The different possibilities to import or export the data will be explained in more detail in the next step.

Please note that specific menu entries appear only in the Import/Export menu if a itemis SECURE model or its content is focused, i.e., the cursor is inside a Security Analysis chunk.