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Benefits for Your Software and IT-Systems


Model-Based and Generative Software Development With Methods & Tools

Focused on engineering best practices, such as the use of artificial intelligence (AI), agile forms of organization, creativity techniques and appropriate tools, and IT support.

Development of Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) and Generators

A domain-specific language is typically less complex than a general-purpose language like Java, C, or Ruby.

IT Modernization Using (Partly) Automated Migration and Tool Building for Migrations

Creating maintainable systems with high quality and sustainable stability across all aspects of software development in backend, frontend, platform, DevOps, or processes.

Conceptual Design and Implementation of Complex Software Projects in the Enterprise Environment

Software products and solutions that are used to improve company-related workflows, procedures, and processes.

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We can assist you in your current challenges with a focus on the development of tomorrow’s complex technical systems. 

Customer Testimonials

DB Fernverkehr AG

The itemis employees provide exactly what we were looking for in our project. Thanks to their professional and technical expertise and their commitment to developing new solutions, we were able to implement our new sales platform (DB Navigator and using the latest technology.

Sebastian Sämisch
Head of Development Business Solution

pixxelbox GmbH

itemis came to the rescue quickly, easily and with the flexibility required for pixelboxx. The result was a customer-specific portal, which led to the full satisfaction of the pixelboxx customer.

Antonius Huerkamp
Managing Director