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Key Features of itemis CREATE
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Modeling Complex Systems With State Machines

Today, even the simplest embedded systems are getting smart and connected to the cloud. Smart functions come at the price of increased complexity. Systems are built in large interdisciplinary teams with different skill sets. State machines are frequently used as a common language that everyone understands.

With itemis CREATE, you can easily create complex systems in a visual way.

Simulating and Testing Your System’s Behavior With Ease

Time and cost pressures often result in loss of quality. Especially in embedded systems, program errors are getting more expensive the later they are detected; and even worse, they can harm lives.

With itemis CREATE, you can simulate and test your system’s behavior – before writing a single line of code! This dramatically speeds up your code-compile-test cycles. The integrated test and coverage framework verifies the correctness of your system already while you are modeling.

Generating High-Quality Source Code for Your Target Platform

Handwritten code needs to be continuously quality assured by time-consuming code reviews to comply with the desired industry coding standards for safety-critical systems. Any change in domain logic may lead to new errors. Especially under time pressure, this becomes a problem for software developers.

With itemis CREATE, this is no longer needed. Your state machine is automatically translated into high-quality source code for different target platforms – no matter if it’s C, C++, Java, or Python. And because state machines are platform-independent, your system is future-proof even if your underlying technology changes.

Run on Different Microcontrollers and Embedded Operating Systems

In embedded systems development, there are various microcontrollers, each with its own architecture. Moreover, there are different embedded operating systems that can be used on each device. This requires a code generator that can be adopted easily to integrate with the given environment seamlessly.

itemis CREATE run on a broad range of microcontrollers. This includes Arduino and ESP32 or microcontrollers of different suppliers such as STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and many more. The generated code integrates seamlessly with many operating systems like freeRTOS or VxWorks and can be used in a bare metal scenario as well.


Future Feature:
AI Supported Modeling

The AI supported modeling feature makes software and system engineers life easier and brings development closer to rapid prototyping speed.

We are currently investigating autopilot / assistance features for various modeling and testing scenarios.

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