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Our powerful itemis products enable you to improve your development processes, increase cybersecurity, and meet your company's objectives faster due to our expertise ranging from automotive cybersecurity to easy-to-use traceability in software development processes and easy-to-understand automated code generation with statecharts.
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Customer Testimonials


We all know, analyzing risk over time will be the next biggest industry challenge. No longer will Excel tables, MS Access databases or custom-made tools be able to handle the task. We need a way to continuously manage, track and update risk assessments (TARA, etc.) to ensure product security over its entire life. itemis SECURE allows for complex and dynamic risk models and simulations, which allow us to evaluate risk faster and more transparent than other market tools.

John Heldreth
Founder ASRG


A big plus of itemis CREATE is the ease of use, with a low threshold for developers to modify or extend existing models. The extensive testing and simulation capabilities integrated into the IDE complete the package!

Dr. Christopher Braun
Project Owner GUI Software-Framework and Household Appliances Connectivity


itemis SECURE is our TARA tool of choice that helps me to develop my work in a more dynamic and easier way. Working with itemis SECURE allows me to fulfill our customers needs.

Kálmán Simon