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Working with arrays in YAKINDU Statechart Tools Professional Edition

With our recent release of Release Candidate 1 of the YAKINDU Statechart Tools Professional Edition we introduced support for arrays and pointers in the C domain. Using these new...
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BMW builds AUTOSAR backbone with open source projects sponsored by itemis

On September 28th the 9th AUTOSAR Open Conference took place in Gothenburg. From an Eclipse/Open Source point of view, Bernd Jäger's (BMW) talk on their Symphony project is...
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Language development on .NET with Xtext – Part 1: Overview

This blog series will illustrate the integration of a simple Xtext DSL within a .NET command-line application written in C# by using the Java-to-.NET translator IKVM.NET. In this...
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How to analyse your project status with YAKINDU Traceability

While working in development projects it is necessary to observe the status of our project – whether to keep track ourselves or to inform our customers. Therefore, often reports...
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