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Statechart Tools 2.7.0 - New and noteworthy

Today we released version 2.7.0 of YAKINDU Statechart Tools! The product bundle of SCT is now shipped with Eclipse Neon as underlying platform which comes with several...
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Developing a custom code generator by example of SCXML

This blog post explains how to develop a custom code generator for the open source framework YAKINDU Statechart Tools. As an example, we will generate Statechart XML...
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Xtext and controlled natural languages for software requirements (Part 1)

Stakeholders usually document requirements informally, i.e. in natural language. Often using text processing programs which do not provide any input assistance related to the...
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Using YAKINDU State Machine Trace Callbacks

Typically state machines generated from YAKINDU SCT state charts are used as black boxes. The code that embeds the state machines does not care about the internal...
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