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Unleash your artifacts!

Software is not developed for its own sake, it is usually intended to be used by real customers and needs to be deployed to production systems. In order to assemble larger...
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Editing Graphviz *.dot files with the GEF DOT Editor

Graphviz *.dot files are usual text files containing the textual representation of graph definitions. The structure of these *.dot files are defined by the DOT Language that...
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Visualize the relation between artifacts with YAKINDU Traceability

Change requests are common in development projects. When we get the list of customer requirements at the beginning of a project, we all know that some of these...
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YAKINDU Statechart Tools 2.8.0 – New and noteworthy

The YAKINDU team is happy to announce YAKINDU Statechart Tools 2.8.0 and the first release candidate of the Professional Edition! The product bundle of SCT is now shipped with...
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