Agile – Project Management

The use of agile methodologies is a challenge for companies. Overcoming those challenges is rewarded with a gain in flexibility and efficiency. We deliver full support when you are planning to implement or optimize an agile project management approach.

Scrum Certification

Scrum is one of several agile methodologies in the field of agile project management. The Scrum framework is lightweight and used in many companies. There are only three central roles (product owner, scrum master, scrum team). The basic idea is to split a big project into small tasks. Those will be processed by priority, in so called sprints. In Scrum coachings our agile coaches will provide and teach you all the content and skills that makes you successful with scrum. We support you comprehensively on your way to get Scrum certified as Scrum Product Owner or Scrum Master. The accreditation of the TÜV SÜD Examination Institut according with ISO/IEC 17024 guarantees the quality and neutrality of the Scrum certification.


Coach For Agile Project Management 

"For me agile software development is the current evolutionary step in software development. What still comes is not known to us - but one thing is certain: You can not skip an evolutionary step." — Ali Kazmi

With Ali Kazmi you work with an experienced coach of agile software development who has already gained experience in many roles and has experienced the advantages and disadvantages of many common practices, processes and frameworks in practice. He supports teams and organizations from the creation of the right mindset to the development.


The Agile Team Of itemis

Besides our coaches the agile team is composed of software development, it-consulting and usability engineering experts. Our broad positioning enables us to support you with all topics regarding agile project management.

Besides Scrum workshops the agile team also offers workshops with a focus on software architecture, testdriven development (TDD) and the agile mindset.

Agile Project Management With itemis

Agile project management designates the use of agile methodologies, to plan and implement software projects efficiently and flexibly. The central goal of agile software development is to stay flexible during the development process. Already in an early stage of the agile development process you’ll receive a functional product that is being extended in the ongoing project progress, sprint by sprint, by additional functionality.

The decisive advantage of the agile methodology is the fact that arising change requests during the development process can be considered within the further sprint planning without any problems.

itemis lives agile project management. Our team of certified specialists offers a broad package of services. Inhouse software projects are being planned and realized the agile way, always in close coordination with you as our customer.

If you handle your projects with classic project management techniques so far, we are pleased to point out the advantages of agile methodologies, tailored to your individual application. Besides the agile consulting, agile project management workshops are of course part of our range of services.

If you are already using agile methodologies within your project management and thus agile software development, you are doing very much right. Within an initial survey of your existing processes and procedures we identify potentials and chances for more agile and more efficient product development. With a view to your technical, organizational and technical evolution we present you the necessary steps of improvement.

For a successful use of agile project management and thus agile methodologies it is very important to understand the fundamental principles of the agile manifesto and their modes of action. In our workshops and trainings for agile teams we are giving insights into the background of the agile process model. Additionally we are presenting best practises, frameworks and methodologies.