YAKINDU Traceability Is Now itemis ANALYZE

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YAKINDU Traceability Rebranding: Why?

Formerly known as YAKINDU Traceability, we decided that after an extensive market research, our product can do so much more than "just" traceability and deserves a more universal name. For this reason, we changed the name into itemis ANALYZE, to emphasizes how much more potential is in it especially when it comes to use for safety-critical systems. 

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The YAKINDU brand by itemis has been around for many years and the products are established and well known in various markets. However, it is important for us that not only the functionalities are always state of the art, but also that the brand identity reflects the excellence of our products.
Whether you need traceability for example in the context of ASPICE or cybersecurity: Analyzing is one important part of traceability since it helps to identify the relationships between different elements of your software system and makes it possible to understand the development process and to identify any potential issues or weaknesses in your system. For this reason, we named the solution simply itemis ANALYZE to highlight what we guarantee: Improve the overall effectiveness of your software development process!

Important information: Functions and features in the software remain identical for itemis ANALYZE. The changes are only characterized by visual changes as well as the new name and the matching new logo. We’ve also rebranded some of the assets like our homepage, but some landing pages still rely on the old branding. 

Moving forward, we will rebrand all our existing assets, and of course, we will build any new asset using the new brand identity.

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