Development is our passion –
your success is our mission

IT enthusiastic with heart and soul

As a client you want an IT service provider who knows exactly what he is doing. You need someone who advises you tailored to your needs and with foresight, who understands your problems, worries and goals, and who can help you solve them when needed. Between you and us: Everything else will cause trouble und problems later.

Besides quality and sustainability in software development, we consider flexibility to be particularly important in order to develop software that is truly successful and future-proof.

We are not yes-men. We question, advise and take responsibility, both for our decisions and for our actions.

We understand our “craft”

Our IT consultants, developers, software craftswoman and software craftsman are 100% committed to their work. Each of our colleagues is a real enrichment for your project.

With our “4+1” working time model, we invest above average and permanently in the further education and training of our employees. With one goal: to support you in your IT projects in the best way possible and according to the latest state of the art.

  • Everything from one expert source

    Our interdisciplinary, well-coordinated teams are able to get you to the finish line in the best time possible.

    Already in the planning process we support you with methods such as Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping to efficiently put your ideas into practice. Once the starting signal has been given, our software developers will convince you with fast, functional results in the mostly agile projects. The software architects in the team provide the proper basis for your IT system to meet the requirements and remain flexible.

    After the run is before the run. The “Go Life” results in new requirements for the deployment and operation of your software. On request, we will stay at your side during this project stage as well and, in addition, ensure a transfer of know-how to your employees.

  • Quality is key

    Buy cheap and you buy twice. While you accept this with cheap consumer goods, a software project is a completely different matter. We know: The quality of your software is the key to its economic value. Therefore, we place special emphasis on ensuring a high level of quality in the development of your software. This approach guarantees your long-term economic benefit.

    We do not only burn for simple and cleanly structured code, we also pay special attention to the technological basis, the system architecture, automated testability as well as simple and intuitive usability of your software.

    You can see: For us, software quality is more than the degree to which your IT system meets the requirements, needs and expectations of the users.

  • A sustainable approach makes the difference

    Dealing with the issue of sustainability has positive effects not only in the private sector. You may know this from your own projects: Software generally becomes more complex over time and therefore more expensive. Why? Because little or no attention is paid to the future in software development projects.

    In order to keep operating and maintenance costs stable while ensuring continuous development, we build your software with foresight. We want you to be happy with your software for a long time. To ensure this, we place special emphasis on the transfer of our know-how to your employees.

  • Flexibility

    Agile development processes, methods and mindsets guide our daily work. We do not follow one and the same scheme. Instead, we use Scrum, Kanban, XP and Co., depending on requirements and situation. However, if your project requires it, we also develop according to waterfall or v-model.

    We accompany you in your "agile transformation" by doing two things:

    We enable your development teams to work independently according to agile processes. With pair programming, coding and architecture dojos as well as code retreats, we affect the way your development team works sustainably.

    We support project leaders, team leaders and other stakeholders as mentors. Because: Agility only unfolds its full potential if it is lived throughout the company.

Let’s put costs into context

If you ask several IT service providers for quotations for one and the same service, you will notice that the prices are often far apart. Especially in the low price segment you have to ask yourself the following question: Do I really buy the service at a low price or do change requests drive up your costs by 30%, 50% or even more over the project lifetime?

We love transparency. That's why we take the time to examine your request in detail. The result: an offer that is not always the cheapest, but which represents a realistic estimate of the effort required and which covers exactly the aspects that offer you the highest added value.

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