Licenses Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Sentinel HASP HL Pro dongles for the usage with our itemis products. To get the dongles working you have to install a suitable drive on your system. For more information about downloading the latest Sentinel HASP drivers, please go to Dongles

Note: If an LM-X dongle is plugged into a Windows machine that does not have the dongle drivers installed, the Windows "Found New Hardware" dialog will appear. You can follow the prompts in this dialog to install the drivers using Windows update.

In order to launch the LM-X License Server Client you need a Java Runtime with version >= 8.0 installed.

To launch the LM-X License Server Client from the command line, please go to program folder containing the LicserverClient.jar file and launch it executing this command:

> java -jar LicserverClient.jar

To upload new floating licenses into the license server please open the "LM-X License Server Client" application and navigate to the "Administration" tab. Now enter the password for the user “admin” which is configured in the license server configuration file. Within the “Administration” tab select the "License Management" tab. There you can use the "Upload license file" button to upload the license file to default LM-X license path of the server.

In fact, the license shows to be 'missing' as long as it is not requested by the product. As soon as you actually use a specific product feature, the license will be checked and the status will be updated.

This is a known issue which will be fixed in future releases, then the initial status will be 'Not checked'.

It appears that the system clock has been altered recently, which blocks the use of any license. Please contact us to get instructions how to unblock the license.