EA-Bridge Simple yet efficient access to your EA models

Use the EA-Bridge to directly validate and process your Enterprise Architect UML models in a standardized and future-proof way.

Save time & effort: access your EA models as standard UML directly

Directly access your EA models as standard UML models. It is no longer necessary to import, export, or convert your models.

eap(x) / qea(x)
MS SQL ServerMySQL ServerOracle SQL ServerPostgreSQL Serverea-cloud


Ensure your models validity with out-of-the-box syntax validation

Any further processing of your EA models requires them to be both syntactically and semantically valid. The EA-Bridge comes with syntax validation out of the box and allows additional validation of custom constraints.

Generate code for various target languages on the fly

Use Enterprise Architect to describe and model your system, and use more sophisticated code generation tools than the EA to generate C, C#, Java, or any other code from your UML models. The EA-Bridge enables such tools to efficiently process your models.

Express your system’s property as detailed as possible

Customize and tailor your EA models with UML profiles to express your system’s properties as detailed as reasonable for your use cases. Add missing information and mark certain model elements as you need it for further processing via the EA-Bridge.

Use it everywhere thanks to platform independency

Generate reports from your EA models on your Windows Server, test them with Jenkins on your Linux build server, or validate them on your MacBook. The EA-Bridge is platform-independent, it just requires a Java VM.


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